Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Weather got screwed

After a couple of months of absence in my blog. At last I found some motivation to come back blogging. And hopefully this will last to make my blog more productive. Maybe the reason I didn't blog for a couple of days is that I simply didn't find some time. My schedule in the past few days are twisted and sometimes when I come back from work all I can do is eat and then go directly to bed to sleep. A very tiring work routine. But I just thought I need to find time for my blogging to preserve and save my blogging career. And besides blogging relieves the stress and make my mind at peace.

I will also take this moment to tell you guys that the weather nowadays seems nuts. It's like a good weather for a moment then next thing you know the rain is so strong causing flood to major cities. Maybe its all part of the climate changes that's been a topic to knowledge channels and stuff. And this climate change is affecting us badly. 

While I'm writing this blog the weather today seems fine but I am anticipating that any moment of the day the weather will go crazy again and start raining and like never stopping. So its a good thing to bring umbrella for some unexpected rain showers that can cause colds that might ruin a persons day.