Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Weather got screwed

After a couple of months of absence in my blog. At last I found some motivation to come back blogging. And hopefully this will last to make my blog more productive. Maybe the reason I didn't blog for a couple of days is that I simply didn't find some time. My schedule in the past few days are twisted and sometimes when I come back from work all I can do is eat and then go directly to bed to sleep. A very tiring work routine. But I just thought I need to find time for my blogging to preserve and save my blogging career. And besides blogging relieves the stress and make my mind at peace.

I will also take this moment to tell you guys that the weather nowadays seems nuts. It's like a good weather for a moment then next thing you know the rain is so strong causing flood to major cities. Maybe its all part of the climate changes that's been a topic to knowledge channels and stuff. And this climate change is affecting us badly. 

While I'm writing this blog the weather today seems fine but I am anticipating that any moment of the day the weather will go crazy again and start raining and like never stopping. So its a good thing to bring umbrella for some unexpected rain showers that can cause colds that might ruin a persons day.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Game Changer

It's a long time since my last post. It's mainly because I'm a bit busy doing somethings that I need to do. And I can only find little time to do some blogging and stuff. I have this crazy idea I want to do. I want to start it as a little project and hopefully it will turn out good.

Regarding the idea. I'm going to share it in here after I've finish it. But that will takes a lot of time I think. Because this project that I'm going to start is not so little at all. In fact, it is quiet huge project that it might be the game changer for me. If this turns out good. (And I really hope it will). It will really bring the bacon in the house (if you know what I mean).

I'd like to document the progress I can make on the project to this blog but I chose not to because of intellectual property issues.

Well then, regarding to this good luck for me. maybe a "game changer" is just what I need. This could be it.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Makati to Cavite:Motorcycle Ride

Earlier after work I didn't expect that I would try such a thing. The story goes like this. Office Hours has ended and everything is just normal, going down the elevator and riding a public vehicle home would be the normal plan. But one of the my co-worker asked me if I want to try riding with him on his motorcycle going to Cavite.

At first I was kind of skeptical about this since I knew that riding a motor cycle is very dangerous and very prone to accident and to think of it the destination is a long way from Makati to Cavite. If my estimation is right it is about 40 kilometers. But then in the end I though it was a fun experience as this is my first time.

After grabbing the spare helmet at the office, I sat at the back side of the motorcycle and we are off to our destination. At first its kind of in a normal speed (because the traffic in Makati is heavy). But as we go on to the high way, we started to pick up pace and start speeding on other vehicles.

A little nervous at first but as we go along, I manage to make myself at ease. The wind on my helmet feels good except for the smoke coming from other vehicle in the highway. Everything is great since that is my first time riding a motor cycle in a long distance until it started to rain. A bit of rain pours down as we head to the Airport road (sorry I didn't manage to take a picture since I'm busy holding to the handrails of the motor cycle to support myself) but luckily the rain didn't continue to pour and the rest of the trip was awesome.

Full speed on wide roads are just awesome (not to mention the sticky feeling of my skin due to polluted air) but I did said to myself that I'll only do that once and after that, no more 'cause in the end even if it is great to ride a motor cycle it is very prone to accident. I only did it for experience sake. And luckily everything turn out good.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tension and Pressure

Feeling the tension here at the office is definitely a good feeling after all. My boss arrived early at the office, He even arrived earlier than me. The whole office itself is engulf in a tension that is growing every passing minute. And on addition to that my supervisor is cranky this time. She gets easily mad at small things doing “mild-yelling” to other employees. Lucky for me I’m not the one she’s “mild yelling”. ‘Cause I have this motto “Less interaction; Less Mistake”

If it can’t be help I don’t approach my co-employees like socializing or whatever because talking to them is increasing the chances of getting involve even on the bad part so with this I tend to distance myself a bit. I just sit on my table quietly doing my own business in here. Sometimes blogging, sometimes just typing whatever available there is to type.

I just hope to survive this day with no mistakes so that I can maintain good impression to my boss and my supervisor. I guess working in the office is always just like this and I have to cope myself to the environment at the office itself.

As I observe when the CEO is here, the mood always goes highly tension and everyone at the office feels pressure, So what I always do with this is “stay out of their way” and “mind my own business” thing. I works for me.

I thought that I was going to go out earlier today ‘cause I have something errand that I need to do outside by my co-employee that will give me the errand is kind of “half-day”. Because of this I think my errand is postponed (too bad, I want to go outside now to escape the pressure inside the office).

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Like a boss

I always wonder what it feels like to be a manager of a company. Having control of the people below your position and earning  five to six digit salary. What does it feels like? I came to think of this as I observe my boss/manager who is always busy talking to somebody on the phone (maybe clients). My boss is about 40 years of age and he is a single parent to his 3 children, nothing special about his personal life.\

My co-employee once said to me that he earns 50k a month not including the allowances provided by the company  itself. Can you imagine that? Earning 50k in a month, It’s like my five months of salary. So much money. In the future I also want to earn like that.But also as I observe to him, He is always busy to something.

Having a meeting with the clients in different places, Dealing with the CEO of the company and some other stuff that I don’t know. On that high paying job there will always be pros and cons that can give an edge and a difference on how the manager will deal with the problem he might encounter.

Who knows, maybe someday I will know that feeling of managing a company and get a taste of what it feels like when somebody is calling you “boss”. But of course I don’t know it yet.

To come or Not to come

Solving a problem is never easy. But I did solve mine quite well, Now I'm back on track. No worries and everything is smooth sailing from here. Since I am in a good mood to start the week, I hope everything will be okay for now. From work to home, I hope things to fall into the right place.

My college friends are inviting me for some kind of reunion this upcoming week but I'm kind of being confuse if I will go or not. The main reason is the time. I mean all the time that I will consume on that can be used in resting and pampering. But m second thought is that this event only comes once in a while. Reuniting with college friends, The nostalgic feeling and all that kind of stuff. I just missed them so much.

I am bit confused to this one really. I will see if at the end of the week what will be my mood regarding to this. If my mood goes fine then maybe I will come to this event. But I don't really now for sure 'cause I tend to change my mood so fast depending on what I feel momentarily.

JB's Concert

Image source: Google Image
Are you guys a fan of Justine Bieber?  If so, Justin Bieber is having some concert tour on some part of the US maybe this your chance to see him up close and personal. I'm not a fan of him but I must admit that he has some good songs. I remember I used to listen to his song "Next to you" featuring Chris Brown.

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