Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tension and Pressure

Feeling the tension here at the office is definitely a good feeling after all. My boss arrived early at the office, He even arrived earlier than me. The whole office itself is engulf in a tension that is growing every passing minute. And on addition to that my supervisor is cranky this time. She gets easily mad at small things doing “mild-yelling” to other employees. Lucky for me I’m not the one she’s “mild yelling”. ‘Cause I have this motto “Less interaction; Less Mistake”

If it can’t be help I don’t approach my co-employees like socializing or whatever because talking to them is increasing the chances of getting involve even on the bad part so with this I tend to distance myself a bit. I just sit on my table quietly doing my own business in here. Sometimes blogging, sometimes just typing whatever available there is to type.

I just hope to survive this day with no mistakes so that I can maintain good impression to my boss and my supervisor. I guess working in the office is always just like this and I have to cope myself to the environment at the office itself.

As I observe when the CEO is here, the mood always goes highly tension and everyone at the office feels pressure, So what I always do with this is “stay out of their way” and “mind my own business” thing. I works for me.

I thought that I was going to go out earlier today ‘cause I have something errand that I need to do outside by my co-employee that will give me the errand is kind of “half-day”. Because of this I think my errand is postponed (too bad, I want to go outside now to escape the pressure inside the office).

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