Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lovely Day, Just got Paid

Hey its Wednesday! I must say that this is just a lovely day, not so full of stress from work, just smooth sailing 'till the end of the day. The ambiance from work is fine, the boss is out of the office so no pressure at work, and on top of that, today is my payday. 2 weeks of hard work has paid off. I can't give to you the exact amount of how much I got but to me I think it is justified for all the effort I always exerted from my work. At the beginning of the day I didn't know that today is the payday 'cause I thought that it would be tomorrow, but one of my office mates said that our salary is ready for us to withdraw. And that's how I got excited (who wouldn't?hahaha)

After receiving my salary I went back working again but this time more motivated and more energetic. And I'm also planning to open a bank account, particularly a debit card on my of the banks near my office since I don't have yet. That's some way to say my excess money. To save for future purposes.

Tomorrow will be Thursday and I hope that goes well as it is today so that I can finish the week in a good vibes. 

Yup that's just how my face looks like at the end of the day. hehehe
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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

That went well...for now

Another day has passed, and I can say that this day ended up just fine and not the way I expected it. Why did I said so? Because I woke up late this morning and I arrive at the office late. And when I arrived at the office my supervisor immediately ask my office mate regarding the lost important file. So in this, I expected that my supervisor will got mad to me since I got involve on that. But to some other reason she didn't (not yet maybe?huhu). She only said that we need to find it because its a very important file but after searching the whole area, still no sign of it.

After the searching I submerge my self into the assigned work I always do. Encoding and posting payment and our clients. I have this habit of looking at the clock every once in a while and when I do I feel the time very is slow to pass. So what I did to resist from looking at the clock often is to hide it so that I don't feel that the time is slow and just concentrate to what I do.

After noon is usual also, We did some visits on other companies connected to ours, and yes it did consume my whole after noon and when we get back at the office it is almost closing time. In the end, I feel like time is passing so fast.

After work I head to the nearest PC store, 'cause I'm planning to buy a laptop since it don't have one, and I badly want one. I did some price check regarding the most affordable laptop I can see yet in a good quality and luckily I found some of it. But when I said it to my father he seem not so interested to my idea of buying one, (maybe because of our expenses this month). But I will not give up, I will not stop 'till I have one of those, other reason I badly need one is because I need it on my blogging, I thought it would be easy when I use a laps when blogging instead of a desktop.

I really hope to have one as soon as possible...and that's how I spend my whole day

Monday, May 28, 2012

Manic Monday!I

It's Monday today and as usual, what a stressful day. As you can see in the picture, there are load of paper place on my desk, meaning so much work is waiting to be finish before I took that picture, but strangely I found time to relax and think a bit that I need to capture this moment to place it on my blog and share it. Despite the pressure and stress in the office I always make sure that I find time to inhale and exhale, to breath and have a quite time, even if it is momentarily. Sometimes I find that in unusual places like bathroom and fire exits (hehe. weird huh?but it works for me). Finding some time to release the stress is very helpful in managing my sanity and to focus every more on my daily task. But lately my office mate said to me that there is an important file missing on his desk and to the coincidence that I'm the last person to use that file before it got lost. Up until now it is still missing and it is a very important file so to speak. I'm kinda bothered on this one since I don't want to make mistake because I just got in this company and I don't want to make a bad image. As I've check, after I use that file that has been missing since last Thursday, I properly returned it to where it was kept but when we double checked it, the file was totally gone. We also search to the different office hoping that I left it there, but unfortunately, no sign of it. So tomorrow I'm expecting to hear some lecture from my immediate supervisor regarding to this. But I am very sure that I kept that properly, sad to say, I doesn't matter anymore. I hope I'll survive tomorrow with less lecture from my supervisor (huhu).

Hello! I'm John

Hello there, I'm John and I'm 21 years of age and I'd like to share you my everyday life story, on how I survive a single day, What challenges I always pass and how I end the day with a hope of a better tomorrow. For me, Blogging is the best tool to express how I feel at the end of the day, whether it is bad or good, and to tell you the truth I'm kinda excited in this one 'cause I have so many things to share and so many emotions to express, like how my friends treat me, how my boss speak to me and all other stuff. But the main reason I make this blog is because I want something to read in the future when I'm old. I want to look back and remember this moment when I'm young, How I think, how I deal with so many things. Yup! It's like doing an archive of myself. In the future I want to remember myself being a young boy who is always passionate to the things he love. Picture may fade, memories may be lost but this blog. I think it will last forever. So I'm doing this not only to share but also learn many things and try to preserve it for future. This will be my time capsule so that when I want to look back, I will have something that I will always remember...