Saturday, June 30, 2012

Happy Birthday to my Best Friend!

Let me take this opportunity to greet my Espren a Happy Birthday!. This girl has been very nice to me since we were classmates in college. Listening to my problem, giving me some advice and when I needed someone to talk to, she is always there for me. Now, It's time for me to give her some acknowledgement on the good things she did to me.

Pout?haha. How cute

Back in college, I never thought that this girl will become my closest friend. Want to know why? Well, because she has this personality of being a "kikay" which back then I didn't like pretty much (since I like the simplicity of things). Being kikay means she likes to decorate herself a lot (hehe). With much make up and glossy stuff that catches attention.

But then I still want to make it a try, to make myself a friend, At first I was quite skeptical if I could get along with her, but as time goes by, Chatting, being in the same classroom as classmates and being the only person who listens to me. We did get along just fine.

Well, She got look doesn't she

When I have problems at work she always finds time to listen to me. I remember when I had problems with my family, she always gives me some advice on how to handle the situation. And back then when I had problems with a girl, She makes sure that she's there for me even if she is busy (though she laughs at me while I'm telling her the stories. grr!haha).  I mean, at times like this you can't find a good friend like that once in awhile. So I thank god how lucky I am for having such a nice friend who's always beside me.

Espren, what are you listening to? (like this)
Katleen Torres was her real name but I used to call her "espren". Its some name that I came up with when I was drunk while talking to her, She said I called her espren the night when I was drunk and talking to her. Its kind of weird though (I mean what kind of word is that "espren" haha). But since I accidentally came up with that name I tend to used it to call her that way.

Katleen, If you're reading this, I want to thank you for all that you've done for me. And for all of that, I am proud to say that finally I found someone that I can call a "best friend".  This is the least I can do for all the things that you did for me. but the rest of my payment will be letting me stay on your life forever, As your friend. Will you let me? (hehe)

Again, A happy birthday to you. I know you are happy right now. You have a good family, a friends and a special loved one. So with that all I can wish for you is a good health, To help you achieve whatever you want. I know you can do that. You are more than a girl than meets the eye. You can be everything you wanted to be because you are a good person.

Thank you Espren...I love you!

PS: Sorry Espren I did steal some of your pictures, I hope you forgive me with this. hehe

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Tickets for NBA, MLB and NHL

Have you watch the last NBA finals? The Miami Heat versus the Oklahoma City Thunders match? I think that finals game was really awesome. Good plays on both team can be seen on that game. And for sure watching it live is more exciting because you get to see the actions live. After I've watch their game I just thought that watching them live will be a good experience, So what I did is I've research some affordable nba basketball tickets that suits my budget. But since NBA games are not yet schedule I can save some money so that some other time I can buy some affordable tickets.

Equal to that, Baseball and Hockey are one good sports too. And seeing how the professional play the game can also excite the crowd. Affordable mlb baseball tickets and nhl hockey tickets are also available in the web. When I was a kid I used to watch hockey games on TV and what I like about this game is when two players collide to each other very hard and getting up as if nothing happened and continue the game. When they score, the crowd always go nuts celebrating.

So if you guys want some live experience on NBA, MLB and NHL. Buying affordable tickets are easy to find in the web. Seeing the pros how they play the game is half the story. But feeling inside the crowd going crazy during the game is what makes me want to watch pro games live.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Is that it?It's evening already

Well what can I say, just a typical day had pass. Nothing happened that's worth remembering. All the usual things that I always do at the office. And just like that, the day passed.  But i'm looking forward to the coming days because of my blog. I want to improve my blog in the sense that every day I read different articles and tips on how to enhance it.

For now that's the only thing that's keeping me excited for the days to come. I guess this is the downside of being alone or single. A possibility of a dull day is always at hand. Being single has its ups and downs. I should say that being a single, no commitment to other people can be its pro, and also you get to spend your money on your own.

But being a single can be lonesome, its like when I see couples walking across the streets I just can't help my self and notice them. I'm kind of envious to them. I mean they have someone who cares for them, who loves them, and has always someone beside them when they need each other.But as the saying goes, you can rush those kind of things, All you can do is just wait for the right moment to come. 

PS: This post might look like I'm lonely but I'm not. Why is that? Because I've got so much things to do to keep my self distracted to this such things. Like for example, I recently finish the book Percy Jackson and The Sea of Monsters, I already downloaded the Book 3 and on my way to reading it (hehe). 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fire Drill in a rainy season!?!

Earlier in the morning during at the office, Our building conducted a fire drill so that we can be prepared in case fire broke out. This is to make us aware of some precautions and basic knowledge that we might need in times of trouble (and I manage to take some pictures.hehe) 

Fire Volunteer putting off the fire
Here are some of the pictures I took during the fire drill and the discussion. Putting of even a simple or small fire can be a hard work since you need to know how to use the fire extinguisher. On that drill they've discuss some basic steps in using the fire extinguisher and how they varies on different usage.

Fire sample
Here the marshals/volunteers made a sample fire for us to extinguish just to show us how it is done. Proper handling of fire extinguisher is discuss so that full usage can be utilize.

Pressurize water to put off a fire
Handling the fireman's water hose has a proper way too because it is pressurize, The hose is kind of hard to hold on so proper handling is important.

more extingushing
More extinguishing and demonstration on how the fire should be properly put off, but in the end I didn't have much luck to try it myself since the fire extinguisher is limited to several person's only.
And considering the fact that it is rainy day season, I think we won't be needing this stuff some time soon. (hehe)

In need of articles?

When I was surfing the internet I came across this website that sells article to a potential customer. As I was reading their products, I must say that it is pretty impressive to the sense that a potential customer can order an article with just a few clicks away.

And pertaining to their "job-time" it is also quite impressive and a professional like since they can finish the job order in a short time depending on the quantity. It also makes an edge to other competitors since it is a direct transaction to the one who is doing the article not unlike in some sites that also sells article where it has a "middlemen" in it, whereas the turn around time can be prolonged.

For it's would be customer that needs a quality article writing. I will definitely recommend this website to meet their demands. It is also good to avail their package as they are offering discounts and some other stuff that might be economical to its customer. They also accept bulk article writing job which can lead to packages discounts. And what I think is good with this site is they actually provide a sample for the customer to decide whether they will patronize the article or not.

Its like doing a good impression on the customer's end. For me, That's a good strategy to promote the writer's skill and his/her capability to perform the order with a minimal amount of time not affecting the quality of the article itself.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Dream Girl

Click to view full size
As I was browsing some pictures on a group that I liked on I came to notice this picture of a girl that caught my attention.

Can you see this girl's cute eyes and her cute smile? Too bad I don't know her name since her picture just came up on facebook randomly. I hope someone can tell me her name so that I can search this on the web. I mean, I'm really mesmerized with this girl. I think this is what my dream girl looks like.

Although its only a picture taken from some train. It's like the image is so lively. Because of this girl's pretty face. I do hope someday to have a girlfriend like this one (but I think that would never happen.hehe)

PS: If you happen to know this girl's name. Can you tell me just by commenting on this post. Thanks!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

One Good Movie: Megamind

Image from Google

Recently, I’ve been watching different movies during my free time because I find it relaxing just to sit back in the couch and just enjoy the movies that are available on TV.  As I’m scrolling the TV station, I did find a good movie to watch. The movie title is “Megamind”, It’s a 3D animation movie starring one of my favorite artist/comedian Will Ferrel. 

The story is about a child (some alien-like child) came from the outer space from a planet that was destroyed, His mother and father sent him to planet earth to spare his life. But on his way to the earth other child also share the same faith (planet is destroyed and he is sent to earth for survival).

The other child grew up on a rich family where he can get what he always wanted, While our main man grew up on jail with the prisoners being his parents. This child our “main man” has an outstanding intellect (a genius). That’s why they decided to send the child to the school for the gifted. That’s when our hero meets his archenemy (the child with the same faith).

At school he was always on the losing side and comes to the point that he wants to be bad because he thinks that it is the only thing he is good at. Later on, He became a super villain named himself as “Megamind” while the other guy with a cool super power just like superman was named “Metroman”.

From that day forth they always battle. Good versus Evil. Good always wins and Megamind always ended up behind bars. But as the movie continues there are some twist and turns that you won’t expect will happen, and that’s what I like about this movie.
I like the quote they always say in this movie “The Bad guys don’t get the girl”. There are referring if you love someone and you do bad things you can be sure that you won’t  get her to love you back because you are bad.

PS: If you want to check out this movie, click here to see its schedule on HBO.

Nice Weekend

Its almost bedtime and again tomorrow is Monday so we all know what that means. One whole week spending time at the office. Before I go to sleep, I just want to take a look back how did I spend my whole weekend. Blogging will be on top of the list since this is the only thing I did most of the time. And in this weekend I didn't get to play sports, It's like I'm in the comfort of my laptop all day long.

But in the end, I think I spend the whole weekend the way I wanted to, Blogging and resting and watching movie at the couch, I'm successful to pamper myself with enough rest. Working tomorrow with full energy is a good way to start my whole week.

And yeah before I forgot, I did got my first paid review on my blog. And I was like "Yes!Finally". To this major event in my blogging career I'm truly grateful. At least for now I know my persistence is paying off. Because in the past few days my application in different review sites is either disapprove or be ignore so I'm kind of worried. But my worries finally came to an end when I successfully post my first paid review (click here if you want to check it out).

It gave me a confidence in pursuing this new career I'm starting. So with this,  I can say that I've had a nice weekend. And hoping that this nice Aura will continue to engulf in the days to come.

Intensity of watching a Baseball game Live

When I was a kid I used to play baseball with my friends in the backyard. Throwing and catching the ball is my forte in this sport. But as I grow older, My interest to play baseball goes weaker. It is diverted to other sports such as Basketball and Tennis. But despite the fact that I lose interest in playing Baseball, I always like to watch a pro Baseball game. The amazing crowd and the good players are what makes a live baseball game so great.

Missouri tigers
So with this I tried some searching regarding some affordable tickets that I can buy to watch a game live. Apparently I did found some tickets that are affordable which is missouri tigers tickets and boise state broncos tickets. Meanwhile after some thorough searching, this team, Baylor Bears also have some match so I did research baylor bears tickets just to see how affordable their tickets might be. handles college games for the Baylor Bears and Boise State Broncos as well as schedules and game times for the Missouri tigers in the NCAA.

So what are you waiting for baseball fans? Let's watch some Baseball game live. I might consider watching them live just to experience the intensity and the crowd in a live Baseball game. I'm looking forward to watch a live baseball game in the future.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

I stumbled to a new Site again

Again, I'm in front of the computer and blogging. I would like to apologize for my last post because it is made out of my anger. But I thought that blogging will be the only way to release my anger, so in that I didn't hesitate to write about what I feel.

As for now, my head cools down and everything is smooth sailing right now I am right to release my anger in a form of writing a blog instead of releasing it physical because I might hurt somebody and I don't want that to happen.

So, now back to what I always love to do. Reading other blog and telling stories that might be interesting. During my surfing at the internet, I encounter a new blogging site that pays for review. The site is named  (you can click this link to check for yourself)

I did some research on this site and luckily I found out that this is a good and legitimate site that pays bloggers for a review post. With this I immediately sign in to try this one. I hope that I can use this site that I newly discovered properly.

PS: the site said Twist and tear and boogie woogie 

I wonder what this phrase means. hehe

Friday, June 22, 2012

If I had I choice I wont live with him

I know I should not do angry post on my blog but I think this is the only way to release my anger. I hate my father. His got attitude problems and some other bad things. I despise him. I'm so angry right now but I can't express in action what I really feel.

A moment ago he ask me to do some errands, buying some of his stuff that will be use in roof repair. But at start I don't want to go since I want to rest, Because I got only weekend to have some full time rest. Of course he gets mad. And in the end I did the errand anyway.  When I did purchase and gave him what he needs but the only thing he said to me was "it was wrong, go get back to the shop and return it!" (in a yelling manner).

After I did what he asks for I get back is some more yelling. You see? what kind of attitude in that. Even doing what he ask and still getting mad. What the hell was that! I hate him. I promise to myself that one day I will leave this house and I will not see his face ever again. I don't want to see him again.

Going back to the store where I bought the item, I was going to return it but the stores says they don't accept return of good. And I don't bother to complain. And going back to him again. Some more yelling. One day  I can live on my own not depending on them, on him, I promise that to myself.

Enormous buildings in Ayala Avenue

Seeing some skyscrapers in Makati is one of the good things and advantage of my recent work. I often do some outside errands for the company delivering documents to other offices that are connected to ours. And to this I always has the chance of seeing some remarkable structures here in Makati particularly in Ayala Avenue.
Statue in the middle of Yuchengco Builing
This first pictures here is a statue in a middle of an office building. I find it weird why they put some kind of this statue in a middle of business center in Ayala Avenue and for me, when I see something like this statue I remember being in a museum..

RCBC Building
Walking further more and the next astonishing structure you will see will be the RCBC building, This building is very sturdy and its wall are made of glasses, so I'm assuming that all the people inside this building particularly on the high floor will have a good view of the whole Ayala Avenue. I hope some day I will get a chance to enter this building though.

Makati Medical Center
After I did finish my delivery errands I kind of notice a good view over looking this building, The Makati Medical Center. This is a hospital and despite the fact that I'm far away at this building I can still see its whole size, I mean look at that you can see a three building combine that makes Makati Medical Center occupy so much land space. (Click here to go to their site.)

In the end doing some outside errands are quite good since Ayala Avenue has some structures and places has to offer. On my next posts you can be rest assured that I will post some other astonishing buildings that you might see here in Ayala Avenue in case you did come to this place.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Being a Billionaire

Does anyone have been dreaming of becoming a billionaire someday? Of course many people is sharing that same dream. Being a billionaire means getting what you always wanted and more. You can have everything you want in an instant. Just like in my childhood movie “Richie rich”.

As I was surfing the internet a moment ago I came across a listing of top 10 of the richest young people in the world. As we all know,  MarkZuckerberg (The CEO and founder of Facebook)  will be on that list.  But strangely he is not on the top.

His estimate assets  are worth $ 6.9 Billion and counting.  With this large amount of wealth I can’t imagine how he spend his money. Buying cars, latest gadgets and some luxurious things are just an ordinary thing to this people.

To think of it, through their young age they already have that wealth, to this reason they opened endless possibility of how are they going to use their wealth. Some ended up investing, some settle down and some other’s donate their excess money to charitable institutions.

As I was reading their articles about the wealthiest young people in the world, I started dreaming for myself. What if I’m one of those guys? What if I have billions of money, How I’m going to spend it? What is the first thing I’m going to buy?

Maybe when I have that kind of money, the first thing that I will do is to invest it on strong and existing business. Making use of it to earn more will be my first priority. Probably making business of my own.  And when I reach my 40’s (age), I will retire from what I’m doing and enjoy life to the fullest. Maybe some travelling around the world. Eating exotic food from different countries and maybe buying some island so that I can settle down there and have a peaceful but meaningful life.

What do you think? Is it a good dream? Probably yes,  It’s just for now. But who knows maybe someday it will become reality.

PS:  an ostensible was designed with green mold

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Time seems to fly

Is it me or the time is just running too fast? I find it strange nowadays that the time seems to be running too fast than usual. Its like when I first check the time its like 7:00PM and the next thing I know its 10:00PM. Through this I just thought that I must do something so that I can spend my time worthwhile and to make sure that I consume every minute of the day on the things I really want to do.

But what I thinks what's really important is spend your time on the people who you want to spend it with. Like family or friends or maybe love ones, Its up to you just make sure you pick the right people in doing so.

For me, I want to spend my time with the person I love (and recently, I still don't have one). Because the last time I did, it feels like the time is slowing down a big. Its like a slow motion movie that's savoring every romantic scene of real life. I sure hope to find that person someday that will slow my time down and be my time freezer of my life.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My First: Linkfromblog

Well, What can I say? I'm a beginner blogger and this is the first time I sign up for paid blogs review. Since this is my first time about this earning money while blogging I did some research about some good blog review sites that I might be interested in. And to my research I stumble upon

This has a good name when it comes to the business of having bloggers and advertisers met. And they too have some good credibility in such field. As I did my research regarding to this site. It is first established in 2008 and since then it earned its good reputation.

What's good with this site is that it is a 100% legitimate site for sponsored reviews and it doesn't charge the blogger when he/she need to withdraws his/her earnings (how's that for saving your money!). And since this blog has a good placements among advertisers. We, bloggers can increase the chance getting noticed by them. All in all this is such a Win-Win situation so to speak.

Having my research quite good and effective, I'm looking forward to using this site to earn money while blogging. And this  website might be the right thing is just need in this blogging career that I want to pursue. Wishing my self a good luck so that everything will fall on the right place.

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Having thoughts about someone

I'm having doubts lately about doing some thing that I'm not sure of. There's this girl that I really hate before. I'm confused if it is the right decision to make peace with her, Despite what of she did to me. It's like 2 years of hating her, not wanting to see her anymore and avoiding her just to forget everything painful she did to me. That girl that I'm talking about used to be the girl I love most, But back then when we are together things didn't quite went well despite that fact that I almost sacrifice everything just to be with her.

When we were together, I can say we are happy like other couples but I didn't saw it coming when she did the most painful thing to me. She "replaced" me to the guy the she just met. I mean, She really doesn't know anything about this guy yet she chose to be with him. Leaving me alone and in pain. That makes me hate her. There's this moment when I want to totally forget her and her name and all the things we used to do just to get rid on the pain.

But now as the time passes by. I'm starting to feel like forgiving her. Be friends with her again. But Surely I don't know if that's a good Idea since I said some hurtful things too before we got "separated". I don't know if she will accept my peace offering and become friends again. Because now to tell you the truth all the hurtful things that she did to me is just fading away, just like a part of my past/history.

And I also thought that I want to be free with this hatred that blinded me all these years. I also don't want to grow old with a people in my heart that I hate. I just want to be free with these burden. But surely I don't know how to do this...

Monday, June 18, 2012

Who do you think you are!

As usual I left home late, despite the fact that my mom wake me up early. When I wake up early in the morning I don’t make haste in preparing myself to work, but instead, I move slow (reasonable since my working spirit isn’t  woke up yet. hahaha). But that’s not the one that I want to tell you about. It’s this guy that I encounter on some public vehicle.

This guy or should I call “the Bossy-type”, caught my attention this morning for the reason that he is giving his fair on the driver but he couldn’t reach it, yet there’s a young girl (particularly a student) who is closer to the driver seat. The “bossy-type” guy handed over the fare to that young girl but the girls seems to didn’t notice. And Suddenly the “bossy-type” guy burst his anger on the young student. He said “if you are on the closer seat, then you should hand over my bill!”. The young girl was shocked and got no other else to do but hand over the bill.

And that’s what has gotten me angry to him.  I mean it is not her duty to assist and hand over your bill to the driver even if she is the one closer. He could have moved on the closer seat if he really has the initiative but no, He chooses to get angry at the person who has nothing to do with it. If I’m on the girls position I would have fight back on the guy and tell him “who is he to make me do some errand and getting mad at me”. I mean, come on, Public service is something like initiative. And to think of it he is a matured man and the one he is bullying is just a student like second year college student. Where is the “being educated” in that?

As I look closely to that guy, He has Oakley eyeglasses, Dress in some corporate attire with a coat (but not put on), Slacks and well-polished black shoes and a bag of laptop. Judging by the looks of it He can be a manager of some big shot company here in Makati but that’s not an excuse to act like that. 

My point is if you need a help of a person, you should ask nicely and polite since the other person that you are asking for help doesn’t have to help you anyway. In short he/she is not in debt to you, to do you a favor. So be nice or else you will look like a lunatic. I hope I don’t encounter that guy or a guy like him again in some random public vehicle or else I know what to do.
PS: And Oh I had a chance to take a picture of that guy but I chose not to, Just to show some little respect on him.

At The Office

This is the picture of my office,  Where I am getting my income and where I am serving as an employee, Since I often mention my work on my previous posts, I thought it would we appropriate if I post some pictures and do some blog about my office. The name of the Company is Solid State Risk Consultants, It is an insurance agency company. The main product or should I say the main profit medium of this company is linking itself to the insurance companies and take commissions on a specific period of time (specifically monthly).

My boss which is the CEO of the company is Half-Filipino and Half-Korean but he can speak Filipino fluently.  Well, what is good with this company is that every year the salary of all its employee will increase whatever the company’s conditions might be.

My co-employees also are very good and accommodating, since I’m new to this company (more or like 1 month). They always assist and teach many things that I need to do so. And during the past 1 month that I stayed in this company I already know some of my functions. Oh and I forgot my position in this company is Finance Assistant, I’m in charge of encoding record for its commission, encoding messenger routes and expenses and some other easy stuff that might be done during the day.

Regarding to workload, My work in here is very easy and most of the time I am idle, it means I don’t have something to do, But on the other hand I don’t want to be seen by my officemate that I don’t have anything doing so in this case I just find something to do. I would like to stay in this company as long as I can.
But for now the minimum months that I’m planning to stay with this is at least 10 months, until I’ve finished my payment on the gadget I recently bought. But if I’m given a chance to stay longer, I’d stay in this for sure.

 Every time I come to the office I always prepare and expect for the worst, worst errand, worst work load and some other stuff. This kind of thinking helps me to concentrate more on my duties so that I won’t make silly mistakes and make a good impression on my boss and my co-employees.  No one knows how long I’m going to stay in this company but for now, I’m very grateful that I have a job like this and I wish myself good luck while I’m working in this company.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Weekends Almost Over

It's just a couple hours before the weekend is over and going back working again. This time this is straight 5 days of working. Although I say that I had a good weekend, I feel revitalized and ready to work again and since I got a good thing going on my stuff right now, I feel very motivated also.

Coming to work with focus and motivation is really important since I'm just on probationary. Giving them a good outcome on my work is very important  because I would like to become a regular employee on the company I am working right now.

So what I'm going to do now is to just savor every moment of whats left on my weekend and be ready for what is coming tomorrow and in the days to come. Rest assured that in every events that might happen on my office or at my home or where I am going, I'll blog it and share it you you guys.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Setup is now complete

At last my computer setup is now complete I can do blogging now with no worries. Earlier this day I did went to the mall to purchase a router to connect my laptop on wireless network. I need this stuff 'cause I plan to do my blogging activities in my new computer.

It is no joke to complete the correct setup for my computer since I did buy stuff that I didn't really need, so wasting money is my issue these fast few days. Even though I got my paycheck yesterday, now I already don't have much money (hehe). But I think that would be okay since all the things that I need to concentrate on my blog is now at my hands.

Oh and yeah I did sign up for the adsense of google already. I hope things will get better as the time passes. I'm really looking forward to this blogging career I want to set my foot in. Though I'm a beginner on this field I'm really motivated on this. What I really need now is some luck to makes this smooth and perfect.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Weekend Basketball

Everybody needs some exercise on their body once in a while. It happens that my "while" is almost every weekend with my friends. It's been our weekend routine to play basketball during the morning at the nearest basketball court.

We always bring our so called "A" game when playing. It kind of helps me to release some stress and bad vibes it collected in whole week of working at the office. Despite the fact that when playing basketball, I always get dirty since it is outdoor (and I don't want to get dirty at anytime) I'm kind of contended to just not think of the office and be a child again (hehe).

I'm very sure that tomorrow morning my whole body will be burning as I push myself to its limits playing the sport. Yup, come to think of it I'm a nerd looking guy who loves sport. I play different kinds of sports, from basketball to table tennis to Frisbee. I even play Tennis when I have a chance. So I guess calling myself a nerd guy is not appropriate. 

Well, back to my story. After we finish our sporting marathon, we always eat at that cafeteria because they had this good tasting "mixed riced with garlic" thing with a beef. And when I do eat that, its like super delicious, (I  really hope you could try one). 

This is why I love weekends...Yeah!Happy weekend to everyone.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Whatta Day!

At last, this day comes to an end. I will say that this is a very tiring day for me. Despite the fact that I didn't do much inside in the office, I do have so much errands outside the office. Early when I started to work, I was immediately called by my office mate, giving me task to do. I was asked to deliver some documents on a Government sector "Philhealth". At first I'm kind of excited to this since I've got a chance to go outside and smell some fresh air. But when I arrived at my destination I was very surprised because of the huge crowd lining up to do their own transaction to the said Government institution.

But unfortunately, there's nothing I can do about it, And I just quit all of my complaints and start to find myself a line (and come to think of it that's not the only errands that I need to do). After several hours of patiently waiting in line I finally had my turn and the funny thing is that transaction didn't last for more than 5 minutes at all!

After I finish my first errand I quickly head to the next one so that I can finish my task just before 12 noon. And of course my next destination is like the first one. So much crowd waiting for their turn. I guess here in the Philippines, it's just normal to see the Government institution being so populated and crowded because as I observed, their employees themselves are not concerned to that fact that their are many people that need their transaction and need it fast, some employees are chatting with each other, some are eating on their desk and some are not even rushing their jobs, you know what I mean? they tend to just relax even if there so many people waiting which results holding the line.

After I survive the long lines and the long waits. I manage to pick up myself and get back to my concentration I exert when I was on the job. In the end, all the task was done and I go home with a smile on my face.

I hope one day someone will fix that kind of system and make things right.

(ow, that picture on the top was just like me...very tired)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bring Back reading habits: Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters

Have you ever watched the movie “Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief”?.  Me, I’ve watched it for like 5 times to the reason that I am really amazed with this movie. In case you didn’t watched it yet. This movie is the story of a boy who turns out to be a son of the Greek ancient God of Water (It’s Poseidon) but he didn’t know his real father. The story started when someone stole Zeus’ lightning bolt.

Of course, His Main weapon stolen, Zeus was very furious and blame the son of his brother Poseidon. Oh and I forgot this story didn’t happen in the ancient time. It happen on our time (yup, modern era).  In this movie Zeus and the other Gods still lives on our time, being the Gods and Goddesses of our time. So, going back to the story when Zeus considers the boy a thief, he  now must prove that he is innocent. That’s how the story goes. And this kind of story is what I like.

Since I like Greek Gods and Goddesses since high school, I find this movie very cool. I hope that this movie will have a sequel and I’m sure that I’m going to watch it over and over again (hehe). Recently I’ve downloaded Ebook of the sequel of this Book “Percy Jackson and The Sea of Monsters”. I’m Planning to read this book when I have some time and I’m really excited about it. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Independence Day!

Spending a holiday at home is always my favorite thing to do. Today is a holiday (Independence day of the Philippines). I did spend my whole day resting and relaxing so that I can go to work tomorrow in a full battery. Despite the fact that this a non-working day, I still chose to wake up early to do some exercise (playing basketball) with my friends. Doing exercise whenever I can is so important so that I can stay fit and playing sport indeed release some work stress.

But tomorrow back to reality, all the usual stuff at office, Doing some errands, computing and some other stuff. But that's okay, since I'm new to my work I need to make a good expression to my superior and make them see that I love what I'm doing. But what I really love to do is blogging, making myself express how I feel, telling story of my day-to-day encounters.

Judging by how people celebrate this holiday I kind of notice that it is quite different from the past years. Last few years people tend to celebrate Independence day with the Philippine flag hang on their house to give respect to our heroes who dedicate their lives for the country but now, everything is just normal, It's like a normal holiday where people just don't go to work and have a rest without even remembering why this is called a holiday in the first place. 

Did we forgot the real essence of patriotism, the love for our country?

Monday, June 11, 2012

Jam Pack Sport Sunday!

Yesterday, two major sporting events  had their epic events. First is the NBA’s Eastern Conference finals Boston Celtics Versus Miami Heat, The entire game was good and really exciting to watch, At first Bostin Celtics has the lead (10+ Points maybe) but as the quarter goes on the Miami Heat found their way to get back to the game and finally win the conference finals. Their series is tied at 3-3 (yeah !it’s game 7 alright). It’s Like a “Win or Go Home” situation for both team since this is both a powerhouse team the match is so intense.

Both Teams didn’t give each other a chance to take over the game but in the end the Miami Beach boys reign supreme (yey!haha. Yup, I’m a Miami Fan). I want Lebron James to have his first championship ring. Since he’s the only superstar that don’t have a ring yet.  They advanced to the finals and will face Oklahoma City Thunders. I will say that this team is tough and the Miami might need to bring their “A” game to defeat the Thunder. But in the end my bet will be Miami.

The next event yesterday was the boxing  match between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Brandley. Since I have an internet connection I watched it under live streaming in the internet. I watched it until the end of the match and I knew Manny Pacquiao will going to win the fight but as the judges decides and announces the winner, the whole crowd was shock. 

Our champ didn’t won. Split Decision in favor of Bradley. As I noticed on the face of the crowd, they seemed to be skeptical about the judge’s decision, no one can believe that Pacquiao lost the match. Some say that the two judges we’re manipulated by the Mafia (but of course no one know what is the truth behind that result). As of now Pacquiao’s side is planning to have a rematch in the future to determine who the champ really is. But for now, Bradley celebrates as he ended the 7 year winning streak of our champ Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao.

Friday, June 8, 2012

All time favorite Online game: GrandChase!

Playing Computer games are the things I do since when I was a child. Been always playing different games from different console also, from game boy to playstation 2. But for now I’m currently Addicted to this online game “Grandchase”. This is an Online game which means you get to play other people in different place ‘cause it is connected via internet. This game actually focuses on your timing and accuracy.

It’s not your typical Online game where you can go all out in leveling and boost your character. In Grandchase, you always go to rooms where you can PVP or should I day “duel” other players. That’s what I love about Grandchase, It’s not always the time you spend playing the game, it’s the skill that matter. Other Online games are boring since if you want to get stronger you just need to spend time killing monster with some repeating moves. And I find that dull, doing the same routing makes me boring.

In Grandchase, whether you get pawned or you win, It’s up to you, how you move the character, how to use the skill, it decides the match. Every evening after I arrive from work, I immediately log in my accout and start playing until I’m sleepy.

What’s good with this game is that you get to brag your percentage of winning ‘cause it show with your character information. Sometimes I win a lot, sometimes I lose a lot. It’s just like real life. And that’s how I want to the game I’d like to play, It’s just not always the time you get to play with you character, It’s your personal skill that’s decide…So noobies out there, don’t play this game if you wanna get pawned a lot.

Here We Go Weekend!

At Last another Friday! Another last working day of the week.  After a long whole week of working, I finally will have a time to relax myself, relieve the stress I collected in the past few days. I’ve been planning to consume my whole weekend sleeping but I thought that it’s not a good idea either, although I can have as much sleep I wanted, It’s nice to spend some time also to my friends, and some social bonding.  Scrutinizing my new laptop is also on my to do list during weekend, since I didn’t got some time to do it on the evenings.

Evaluating this week, I think it is just fine, all the usual things happened, from work to home everything goes fine and stable.  Oh yeah, before I forgot I did gain my first reader, My best friend (haha). This Girl is the only person I can call a true friend, she always listen to my problems, gives some advice (and laughs at me a bit…grrr.haha.) and I used to call her my “espren” some word I come up with when I was drunk she says (weird isn’t it?).

 Lately, we didn’t have much communication due to twisted schedules and busy work load.  But yesterday I did find some time to talk to her in facebook. And that’s when I had a chance to promote my blog (hehe), Also I I’ve been planning to feature her in some of my blogs, and since next month is her birthday, I’m getting ready for a surprise just for her, also a sign of appreciation of me for her giving some of her precious time to talk and listen to me. I feel lucky to have her as a friend.

With this I can say, My whole week went well in the end… 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Time Machine

Being an adult has an advantage and disadvantages, The advantages are you get to do whatever you want without anyone scolding you, another thing is that you have enough money to do whatever you want (to the reason you have a job). But the disadvantage are your time is limited to the reason that most of your time will be consumed working and your spare time will be consumed resting (so you don’t have much time either).

Today is the first day of school of my sister in 4th year High school, and as I saw my sister dressed in a school uniform, I suddenly remember my days as a student, back when I was just a carefree and happy-go-lucky person.  When the only thing that I worry about is how I’m going to spend the day worthwhile, without even thinking my money or what so ever. Unlike today, now as an employee I used to think how I survive the day right, I mean, always make things right at the office.

That Feeling, the pressure of being always right.And the feeling of responsibility to my family that I need to contribute an amount of my salary. This feeling of responsibility always makes me feel that I’m old. I kind of hate this feeling. If only I had the power to bring back time. I always want to be a child particularly a teenager in High or college School maybe. And when I do bring back time I want to savor every moment of that, I’m going to enjoy myself to the fullest. If only…

If Only I had a time machine...

(oh that's an image of a time machine, wonder if that's what it really looks like...)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I had it! Finally!

After the long wait, After all the hard work and  some research. I finally got my new laptop. Last Friday I bought a laptop at the nearest PC store at my office. At first I'm not that excited about what going to happen but when I saw my laptop in actual that's how I feel so excited to used it. Although I didn't used it until Monday. My laptop is now fully functional, and I'd say I can call it a gaming laptop since it has a video card attached to it. But the main reason I'm eager to have one is to use it in blogging. Wanna know why? Because downloading some widgets and other application need for blog is kinda not a thing on my desktop. And I thought it would be cool doing it in a laptop, kinda look like a pro...(hehehe)

But in exchange to that, I have to save money for about 10 months because I bought it on credit. This thing, the so called "belt tightening" is so hard for me 'cause I'm the kind of person who spends money without even thinking especially on foods. But since I have a commitment now to pay my credit, I'll try to discipline myself so that I can pay may credit as soon as possible.

If in the past I eat at the afternoon, for now I will only eat before lunch just to save money, I think of this as a penitence with some results on a positive way (yeah!how's that for optimism...haha)