Monday, June 18, 2012

Who do you think you are!

As usual I left home late, despite the fact that my mom wake me up early. When I wake up early in the morning I don’t make haste in preparing myself to work, but instead, I move slow (reasonable since my working spirit isn’t  woke up yet. hahaha). But that’s not the one that I want to tell you about. It’s this guy that I encounter on some public vehicle.

This guy or should I call “the Bossy-type”, caught my attention this morning for the reason that he is giving his fair on the driver but he couldn’t reach it, yet there’s a young girl (particularly a student) who is closer to the driver seat. The “bossy-type” guy handed over the fare to that young girl but the girls seems to didn’t notice. And Suddenly the “bossy-type” guy burst his anger on the young student. He said “if you are on the closer seat, then you should hand over my bill!”. The young girl was shocked and got no other else to do but hand over the bill.

And that’s what has gotten me angry to him.  I mean it is not her duty to assist and hand over your bill to the driver even if she is the one closer. He could have moved on the closer seat if he really has the initiative but no, He chooses to get angry at the person who has nothing to do with it. If I’m on the girls position I would have fight back on the guy and tell him “who is he to make me do some errand and getting mad at me”. I mean, come on, Public service is something like initiative. And to think of it he is a matured man and the one he is bullying is just a student like second year college student. Where is the “being educated” in that?

As I look closely to that guy, He has Oakley eyeglasses, Dress in some corporate attire with a coat (but not put on), Slacks and well-polished black shoes and a bag of laptop. Judging by the looks of it He can be a manager of some big shot company here in Makati but that’s not an excuse to act like that. 

My point is if you need a help of a person, you should ask nicely and polite since the other person that you are asking for help doesn’t have to help you anyway. In short he/she is not in debt to you, to do you a favor. So be nice or else you will look like a lunatic. I hope I don’t encounter that guy or a guy like him again in some random public vehicle or else I know what to do.
PS: And Oh I had a chance to take a picture of that guy but I chose not to, Just to show some little respect on him.

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