Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Having thoughts about someone

I'm having doubts lately about doing some thing that I'm not sure of. There's this girl that I really hate before. I'm confused if it is the right decision to make peace with her, Despite what of she did to me. It's like 2 years of hating her, not wanting to see her anymore and avoiding her just to forget everything painful she did to me. That girl that I'm talking about used to be the girl I love most, But back then when we are together things didn't quite went well despite that fact that I almost sacrifice everything just to be with her.

When we were together, I can say we are happy like other couples but I didn't saw it coming when she did the most painful thing to me. She "replaced" me to the guy the she just met. I mean, She really doesn't know anything about this guy yet she chose to be with him. Leaving me alone and in pain. That makes me hate her. There's this moment when I want to totally forget her and her name and all the things we used to do just to get rid on the pain.

But now as the time passes by. I'm starting to feel like forgiving her. Be friends with her again. But Surely I don't know if that's a good Idea since I said some hurtful things too before we got "separated". I don't know if she will accept my peace offering and become friends again. Because now to tell you the truth all the hurtful things that she did to me is just fading away, just like a part of my past/history.

And I also thought that I want to be free with this hatred that blinded me all these years. I also don't want to grow old with a people in my heart that I hate. I just want to be free with these burden. But surely I don't know how to do this...

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  1. wow very productive today huh 3 posts in a row..
    there is a cliche that says, we have to learn how to forgive and forget para magkaron tau ng peace of mind