Friday, June 15, 2012

Weekend Basketball

Everybody needs some exercise on their body once in a while. It happens that my "while" is almost every weekend with my friends. It's been our weekend routine to play basketball during the morning at the nearest basketball court.

We always bring our so called "A" game when playing. It kind of helps me to release some stress and bad vibes it collected in whole week of working at the office. Despite the fact that when playing basketball, I always get dirty since it is outdoor (and I don't want to get dirty at anytime) I'm kind of contended to just not think of the office and be a child again (hehe).

I'm very sure that tomorrow morning my whole body will be burning as I push myself to its limits playing the sport. Yup, come to think of it I'm a nerd looking guy who loves sport. I play different kinds of sports, from basketball to table tennis to Frisbee. I even play Tennis when I have a chance. So I guess calling myself a nerd guy is not appropriate. 

Well, back to my story. After we finish our sporting marathon, we always eat at that cafeteria because they had this good tasting "mixed riced with garlic" thing with a beef. And when I do eat that, its like super delicious, (I  really hope you could try one). 

This is why I love weekends...Yeah!Happy weekend to everyone.

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