Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Setup is now complete

At last my computer setup is now complete I can do blogging now with no worries. Earlier this day I did went to the mall to purchase a router to connect my laptop on wireless network. I need this stuff 'cause I plan to do my blogging activities in my new computer.

It is no joke to complete the correct setup for my computer since I did buy stuff that I didn't really need, so wasting money is my issue these fast few days. Even though I got my paycheck yesterday, now I already don't have much money (hehe). But I think that would be okay since all the things that I need to concentrate on my blog is now at my hands.

Oh and yeah I did sign up for the adsense of google already. I hope things will get better as the time passes. I'm really looking forward to this blogging career I want to set my foot in. Though I'm a beginner on this field I'm really motivated on this. What I really need now is some luck to makes this smooth and perfect.


  1. goodluck for your adsense application bro

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  3. Too bad I just got rejected...Going to try again next time. ^_^