Sunday, June 17, 2012

Weekends Almost Over

It's just a couple hours before the weekend is over and going back working again. This time this is straight 5 days of working. Although I say that I had a good weekend, I feel revitalized and ready to work again and since I got a good thing going on my stuff right now, I feel very motivated also.

Coming to work with focus and motivation is really important since I'm just on probationary. Giving them a good outcome on my work is very important  because I would like to become a regular employee on the company I am working right now.

So what I'm going to do now is to just savor every moment of whats left on my weekend and be ready for what is coming tomorrow and in the days to come. Rest assured that in every events that might happen on my office or at my home or where I am going, I'll blog it and share it you you guys.


  1. goodluck with your job bro..
    Have a great day and Happy blogging to you

  2. I salute you for the enthusiasm to face another week at work. And I hope the enthusiasm stays on even after the probationary period.

    Good luck sa work mo.

    Miss N of