Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Time seems to fly

Is it me or the time is just running too fast? I find it strange nowadays that the time seems to be running too fast than usual. Its like when I first check the time its like 7:00PM and the next thing I know its 10:00PM. Through this I just thought that I must do something so that I can spend my time worthwhile and to make sure that I consume every minute of the day on the things I really want to do.

But what I thinks what's really important is spend your time on the people who you want to spend it with. Like family or friends or maybe love ones, Its up to you just make sure you pick the right people in doing so.

For me, I want to spend my time with the person I love (and recently, I still don't have one). Because the last time I did, it feels like the time is slowing down a big. Its like a slow motion movie that's savoring every romantic scene of real life. I sure hope to find that person someday that will slow my time down and be my time freezer of my life.


  1. ambilis nga ng oras ngayon pero sa province ambagal

    1. Yup, kaya nga pag vacation sa province ang punta ng mga tourist. hehe

  2. tama... kesa naman we feel nothing but regret dun sa mga time na nasayang natin na wala tayo sa tabi ng mga mahal natin di ba