Thursday, June 21, 2012

Being a Billionaire

Does anyone have been dreaming of becoming a billionaire someday? Of course many people is sharing that same dream. Being a billionaire means getting what you always wanted and more. You can have everything you want in an instant. Just like in my childhood movie “Richie rich”.

As I was surfing the internet a moment ago I came across a listing of top 10 of the richest young people in the world. As we all know,  MarkZuckerberg (The CEO and founder of Facebook)  will be on that list.  But strangely he is not on the top.

His estimate assets  are worth $ 6.9 Billion and counting.  With this large amount of wealth I can’t imagine how he spend his money. Buying cars, latest gadgets and some luxurious things are just an ordinary thing to this people.

To think of it, through their young age they already have that wealth, to this reason they opened endless possibility of how are they going to use their wealth. Some ended up investing, some settle down and some other’s donate their excess money to charitable institutions.

As I was reading their articles about the wealthiest young people in the world, I started dreaming for myself. What if I’m one of those guys? What if I have billions of money, How I’m going to spend it? What is the first thing I’m going to buy?

Maybe when I have that kind of money, the first thing that I will do is to invest it on strong and existing business. Making use of it to earn more will be my first priority. Probably making business of my own.  And when I reach my 40’s (age), I will retire from what I’m doing and enjoy life to the fullest. Maybe some travelling around the world. Eating exotic food from different countries and maybe buying some island so that I can settle down there and have a peaceful but meaningful life.

What do you think? Is it a good dream? Probably yes,  It’s just for now. But who knows maybe someday it will become reality.

PS:  an ostensible was designed with green mold


  1. being a billionaire is good thing pero I think may consequences din kapag sobrang yaman ka.. so i guess I will aim for a wealth that is good enough to support my financial needs ... tama na sa akin yun hehe

    1. yeah, you are right blue, We don't need excess money just enough money to support our needs