Friday, June 22, 2012

Enormous buildings in Ayala Avenue

Seeing some skyscrapers in Makati is one of the good things and advantage of my recent work. I often do some outside errands for the company delivering documents to other offices that are connected to ours. And to this I always has the chance of seeing some remarkable structures here in Makati particularly in Ayala Avenue.
Statue in the middle of Yuchengco Builing
This first pictures here is a statue in a middle of an office building. I find it weird why they put some kind of this statue in a middle of business center in Ayala Avenue and for me, when I see something like this statue I remember being in a museum..

RCBC Building
Walking further more and the next astonishing structure you will see will be the RCBC building, This building is very sturdy and its wall are made of glasses, so I'm assuming that all the people inside this building particularly on the high floor will have a good view of the whole Ayala Avenue. I hope some day I will get a chance to enter this building though.

Makati Medical Center
After I did finish my delivery errands I kind of notice a good view over looking this building, The Makati Medical Center. This is a hospital and despite the fact that I'm far away at this building I can still see its whole size, I mean look at that you can see a three building combine that makes Makati Medical Center occupy so much land space. (Click here to go to their site.)

In the end doing some outside errands are quite good since Ayala Avenue has some structures and places has to offer. On my next posts you can be rest assured that I will post some other astonishing buildings that you might see here in Ayala Avenue in case you did come to this place.

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