Friday, June 22, 2012

If I had I choice I wont live with him

I know I should not do angry post on my blog but I think this is the only way to release my anger. I hate my father. His got attitude problems and some other bad things. I despise him. I'm so angry right now but I can't express in action what I really feel.

A moment ago he ask me to do some errands, buying some of his stuff that will be use in roof repair. But at start I don't want to go since I want to rest, Because I got only weekend to have some full time rest. Of course he gets mad. And in the end I did the errand anyway.  When I did purchase and gave him what he needs but the only thing he said to me was "it was wrong, go get back to the shop and return it!" (in a yelling manner).

After I did what he asks for I get back is some more yelling. You see? what kind of attitude in that. Even doing what he ask and still getting mad. What the hell was that! I hate him. I promise to myself that one day I will leave this house and I will not see his face ever again. I don't want to see him again.

Going back to the store where I bought the item, I was going to return it but the stores says they don't accept return of good. And I don't bother to complain. And going back to him again. Some more yelling. One day  I can live on my own not depending on them, on him, I promise that to myself.

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  1. I understand what you're going trough bro..
    my father and I have never been in good terms for the past 5 years