Sunday, June 24, 2012

One Good Movie: Megamind

Image from Google

Recently, I’ve been watching different movies during my free time because I find it relaxing just to sit back in the couch and just enjoy the movies that are available on TV.  As I’m scrolling the TV station, I did find a good movie to watch. The movie title is “Megamind”, It’s a 3D animation movie starring one of my favorite artist/comedian Will Ferrel. 

The story is about a child (some alien-like child) came from the outer space from a planet that was destroyed, His mother and father sent him to planet earth to spare his life. But on his way to the earth other child also share the same faith (planet is destroyed and he is sent to earth for survival).

The other child grew up on a rich family where he can get what he always wanted, While our main man grew up on jail with the prisoners being his parents. This child our “main man” has an outstanding intellect (a genius). That’s why they decided to send the child to the school for the gifted. That’s when our hero meets his archenemy (the child with the same faith).

At school he was always on the losing side and comes to the point that he wants to be bad because he thinks that it is the only thing he is good at. Later on, He became a super villain named himself as “Megamind” while the other guy with a cool super power just like superman was named “Metroman”.

From that day forth they always battle. Good versus Evil. Good always wins and Megamind always ended up behind bars. But as the movie continues there are some twist and turns that you won’t expect will happen, and that’s what I like about this movie.
I like the quote they always say in this movie “The Bad guys don’t get the girl”. There are referring if you love someone and you do bad things you can be sure that you won’t  get her to love you back because you are bad.

PS: If you want to check out this movie, click here to see its schedule on HBO.