Monday, June 25, 2012

Dream Girl

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As I was browsing some pictures on a group that I liked on I came to notice this picture of a girl that caught my attention.

Can you see this girl's cute eyes and her cute smile? Too bad I don't know her name since her picture just came up on facebook randomly. I hope someone can tell me her name so that I can search this on the web. I mean, I'm really mesmerized with this girl. I think this is what my dream girl looks like.

Although its only a picture taken from some train. It's like the image is so lively. Because of this girl's pretty face. I do hope someday to have a girlfriend like this one (but I think that would never happen.hehe)

PS: If you happen to know this girl's name. Can you tell me just by commenting on this post. Thanks!


  1. ang ganda nga nya... perhaps.. you should give us the exact link kung san mo xa nakita ...