Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Independence Day!

Spending a holiday at home is always my favorite thing to do. Today is a holiday (Independence day of the Philippines). I did spend my whole day resting and relaxing so that I can go to work tomorrow in a full battery. Despite the fact that this a non-working day, I still chose to wake up early to do some exercise (playing basketball) with my friends. Doing exercise whenever I can is so important so that I can stay fit and playing sport indeed release some work stress.

But tomorrow back to reality, all the usual stuff at office, Doing some errands, computing and some other stuff. But that's okay, since I'm new to my work I need to make a good expression to my superior and make them see that I love what I'm doing. But what I really love to do is blogging, making myself express how I feel, telling story of my day-to-day encounters.

Judging by how people celebrate this holiday I kind of notice that it is quite different from the past years. Last few years people tend to celebrate Independence day with the Philippine flag hang on their house to give respect to our heroes who dedicate their lives for the country but now, everything is just normal, It's like a normal holiday where people just don't go to work and have a rest without even remembering why this is called a holiday in the first place. 

Did we forgot the real essence of patriotism, the love for our country?

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