Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bring Back reading habits: Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters

Have you ever watched the movie “Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief”?.  Me, I’ve watched it for like 5 times to the reason that I am really amazed with this movie. In case you didn’t watched it yet. This movie is the story of a boy who turns out to be a son of the Greek ancient God of Water (It’s Poseidon) but he didn’t know his real father. The story started when someone stole Zeus’ lightning bolt.

Of course, His Main weapon stolen, Zeus was very furious and blame the son of his brother Poseidon. Oh and I forgot this story didn’t happen in the ancient time. It happen on our time (yup, modern era).  In this movie Zeus and the other Gods still lives on our time, being the Gods and Goddesses of our time. So, going back to the story when Zeus considers the boy a thief, he  now must prove that he is innocent. That’s how the story goes. And this kind of story is what I like.

Since I like Greek Gods and Goddesses since high school, I find this movie very cool. I hope that this movie will have a sequel and I’m sure that I’m going to watch it over and over again (hehe). Recently I’ve downloaded Ebook of the sequel of this Book “Percy Jackson and The Sea of Monsters”. I’m Planning to read this book when I have some time and I’m really excited about it. 


  1. I hope they will be adapting this one to a film too...

  2. They should, I think this will be cool if they'll make a movie out of it