Saturday, June 30, 2012

Happy Birthday to my Best Friend!

Let me take this opportunity to greet my Espren a Happy Birthday!. This girl has been very nice to me since we were classmates in college. Listening to my problem, giving me some advice and when I needed someone to talk to, she is always there for me. Now, It's time for me to give her some acknowledgement on the good things she did to me.

Pout?haha. How cute

Back in college, I never thought that this girl will become my closest friend. Want to know why? Well, because she has this personality of being a "kikay" which back then I didn't like pretty much (since I like the simplicity of things). Being kikay means she likes to decorate herself a lot (hehe). With much make up and glossy stuff that catches attention.

But then I still want to make it a try, to make myself a friend, At first I was quite skeptical if I could get along with her, but as time goes by, Chatting, being in the same classroom as classmates and being the only person who listens to me. We did get along just fine.

Well, She got look doesn't she

When I have problems at work she always finds time to listen to me. I remember when I had problems with my family, she always gives me some advice on how to handle the situation. And back then when I had problems with a girl, She makes sure that she's there for me even if she is busy (though she laughs at me while I'm telling her the stories. grr!haha).  I mean, at times like this you can't find a good friend like that once in awhile. So I thank god how lucky I am for having such a nice friend who's always beside me.

Espren, what are you listening to? (like this)
Katleen Torres was her real name but I used to call her "espren". Its some name that I came up with when I was drunk while talking to her, She said I called her espren the night when I was drunk and talking to her. Its kind of weird though (I mean what kind of word is that "espren" haha). But since I accidentally came up with that name I tend to used it to call her that way.

Katleen, If you're reading this, I want to thank you for all that you've done for me. And for all of that, I am proud to say that finally I found someone that I can call a "best friend".  This is the least I can do for all the things that you did for me. but the rest of my payment will be letting me stay on your life forever, As your friend. Will you let me? (hehe)

Again, A happy birthday to you. I know you are happy right now. You have a good family, a friends and a special loved one. So with that all I can wish for you is a good health, To help you achieve whatever you want. I know you can do that. You are more than a girl than meets the eye. You can be everything you wanted to be because you are a good person.

Thank you Espren...I love you!

PS: Sorry Espren I did steal some of your pictures, I hope you forgive me with this. hehe

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