Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I had it! Finally!

After the long wait, After all the hard work and  some research. I finally got my new laptop. Last Friday I bought a laptop at the nearest PC store at my office. At first I'm not that excited about what going to happen but when I saw my laptop in actual that's how I feel so excited to used it. Although I didn't used it until Monday. My laptop is now fully functional, and I'd say I can call it a gaming laptop since it has a video card attached to it. But the main reason I'm eager to have one is to use it in blogging. Wanna know why? Because downloading some widgets and other application need for blog is kinda not a thing on my desktop. And I thought it would be cool doing it in a laptop, kinda look like a pro...(hehehe)

But in exchange to that, I have to save money for about 10 months because I bought it on credit. This thing, the so called "belt tightening" is so hard for me 'cause I'm the kind of person who spends money without even thinking especially on foods. But since I have a commitment now to pay my credit, I'll try to discipline myself so that I can pay may credit as soon as possible.

If in the past I eat at the afternoon, for now I will only eat before lunch just to save money, I think of this as a penitence with some results on a positive way (yeah!how's that for optimism...haha)

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