Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lovely Day, Just got Paid

Hey its Wednesday! I must say that this is just a lovely day, not so full of stress from work, just smooth sailing 'till the end of the day. The ambiance from work is fine, the boss is out of the office so no pressure at work, and on top of that, today is my payday. 2 weeks of hard work has paid off. I can't give to you the exact amount of how much I got but to me I think it is justified for all the effort I always exerted from my work. At the beginning of the day I didn't know that today is the payday 'cause I thought that it would be tomorrow, but one of my office mates said that our salary is ready for us to withdraw. And that's how I got excited (who wouldn't?hahaha)

After receiving my salary I went back working again but this time more motivated and more energetic. And I'm also planning to open a bank account, particularly a debit card on my of the banks near my office since I don't have yet. That's some way to say my excess money. To save for future purposes.

Tomorrow will be Thursday and I hope that goes well as it is today so that I can finish the week in a good vibes. 

Yup that's just how my face looks like at the end of the day. hehehe