Thursday, June 7, 2012

Time Machine

Being an adult has an advantage and disadvantages, The advantages are you get to do whatever you want without anyone scolding you, another thing is that you have enough money to do whatever you want (to the reason you have a job). But the disadvantage are your time is limited to the reason that most of your time will be consumed working and your spare time will be consumed resting (so you don’t have much time either).

Today is the first day of school of my sister in 4th year High school, and as I saw my sister dressed in a school uniform, I suddenly remember my days as a student, back when I was just a carefree and happy-go-lucky person.  When the only thing that I worry about is how I’m going to spend the day worthwhile, without even thinking my money or what so ever. Unlike today, now as an employee I used to think how I survive the day right, I mean, always make things right at the office.

That Feeling, the pressure of being always right.And the feeling of responsibility to my family that I need to contribute an amount of my salary. This feeling of responsibility always makes me feel that I’m old. I kind of hate this feeling. If only I had the power to bring back time. I always want to be a child particularly a teenager in High or college School maybe. And when I do bring back time I want to savor every moment of that, I’m going to enjoy myself to the fullest. If only…

If Only I had a time machine...

(oh that's an image of a time machine, wonder if that's what it really looks like...)

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