Friday, June 8, 2012

Here We Go Weekend!

At Last another Friday! Another last working day of the week.  After a long whole week of working, I finally will have a time to relax myself, relieve the stress I collected in the past few days. I’ve been planning to consume my whole weekend sleeping but I thought that it’s not a good idea either, although I can have as much sleep I wanted, It’s nice to spend some time also to my friends, and some social bonding.  Scrutinizing my new laptop is also on my to do list during weekend, since I didn’t got some time to do it on the evenings.

Evaluating this week, I think it is just fine, all the usual things happened, from work to home everything goes fine and stable.  Oh yeah, before I forgot I did gain my first reader, My best friend (haha). This Girl is the only person I can call a true friend, she always listen to my problems, gives some advice (and laughs at me a bit…grrr.haha.) and I used to call her my “espren” some word I come up with when I was drunk she says (weird isn’t it?).

 Lately, we didn’t have much communication due to twisted schedules and busy work load.  But yesterday I did find some time to talk to her in facebook. And that’s when I had a chance to promote my blog (hehe), Also I I’ve been planning to feature her in some of my blogs, and since next month is her birthday, I’m getting ready for a surprise just for her, also a sign of appreciation of me for her giving some of her precious time to talk and listen to me. I feel lucky to have her as a friend.

With this I can say, My whole week went well in the end… 

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  1. congrats for gaining new readers buddy.. keep it up! Have a great weekend