Friday, June 8, 2012

All time favorite Online game: GrandChase!

Playing Computer games are the things I do since when I was a child. Been always playing different games from different console also, from game boy to playstation 2. But for now I’m currently Addicted to this online game “Grandchase”. This is an Online game which means you get to play other people in different place ‘cause it is connected via internet. This game actually focuses on your timing and accuracy.

It’s not your typical Online game where you can go all out in leveling and boost your character. In Grandchase, you always go to rooms where you can PVP or should I day “duel” other players. That’s what I love about Grandchase, It’s not always the time you spend playing the game, it’s the skill that matter. Other Online games are boring since if you want to get stronger you just need to spend time killing monster with some repeating moves. And I find that dull, doing the same routing makes me boring.

In Grandchase, whether you get pawned or you win, It’s up to you, how you move the character, how to use the skill, it decides the match. Every evening after I arrive from work, I immediately log in my accout and start playing until I’m sleepy.

What’s good with this game is that you get to brag your percentage of winning ‘cause it show with your character information. Sometimes I win a lot, sometimes I lose a lot. It’s just like real life. And that’s how I want to the game I’d like to play, It’s just not always the time you get to play with you character, It’s your personal skill that’s decide…So noobies out there, don’t play this game if you wanna get pawned a lot.


  1. not a big fan of this game though love how the gameplay goes.. You should try Flyff too!

    1. hehe. Yup I've tried Flyff already. Grandchase rocks Dude! ^_^

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