Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Is that it?It's evening already

Well what can I say, just a typical day had pass. Nothing happened that's worth remembering. All the usual things that I always do at the office. And just like that, the day passed.  But i'm looking forward to the coming days because of my blog. I want to improve my blog in the sense that every day I read different articles and tips on how to enhance it.

For now that's the only thing that's keeping me excited for the days to come. I guess this is the downside of being alone or single. A possibility of a dull day is always at hand. Being single has its ups and downs. I should say that being a single, no commitment to other people can be its pro, and also you get to spend your money on your own.

But being a single can be lonesome, its like when I see couples walking across the streets I just can't help my self and notice them. I'm kind of envious to them. I mean they have someone who cares for them, who loves them, and has always someone beside them when they need each other.But as the saying goes, you can rush those kind of things, All you can do is just wait for the right moment to come. 

PS: This post might look like I'm lonely but I'm not. Why is that? Because I've got so much things to do to keep my self distracted to this such things. Like for example, I recently finish the book Percy Jackson and The Sea of Monsters, I already downloaded the Book 3 and on my way to reading it (hehe). 

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  1. yup... doing the same routine everyday will drown you to boredom haha