Tuesday, May 29, 2012

That went well...for now

Another day has passed, and I can say that this day ended up just fine and not the way I expected it. Why did I said so? Because I woke up late this morning and I arrive at the office late. And when I arrived at the office my supervisor immediately ask my office mate regarding the lost important file. So in this, I expected that my supervisor will got mad to me since I got involve on that. But to some other reason she didn't (not yet maybe?huhu). She only said that we need to find it because its a very important file but after searching the whole area, still no sign of it.

After the searching I submerge my self into the assigned work I always do. Encoding and posting payment and our clients. I have this habit of looking at the clock every once in a while and when I do I feel the time very is slow to pass. So what I did to resist from looking at the clock often is to hide it so that I don't feel that the time is slow and just concentrate to what I do.

After noon is usual also, We did some visits on other companies connected to ours, and yes it did consume my whole after noon and when we get back at the office it is almost closing time. In the end, I feel like time is passing so fast.

After work I head to the nearest PC store, 'cause I'm planning to buy a laptop since it don't have one, and I badly want one. I did some price check regarding the most affordable laptop I can see yet in a good quality and luckily I found some of it. But when I said it to my father he seem not so interested to my idea of buying one, (maybe because of our expenses this month). But I will not give up, I will not stop 'till I have one of those, other reason I badly need one is because I need it on my blogging, I thought it would be easy when I use a laps when blogging instead of a desktop.

I really hope to have one as soon as possible...and that's how I spend my whole day

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