Monday, May 28, 2012

Manic Monday!I

It's Monday today and as usual, what a stressful day. As you can see in the picture, there are load of paper place on my desk, meaning so much work is waiting to be finish before I took that picture, but strangely I found time to relax and think a bit that I need to capture this moment to place it on my blog and share it. Despite the pressure and stress in the office I always make sure that I find time to inhale and exhale, to breath and have a quite time, even if it is momentarily. Sometimes I find that in unusual places like bathroom and fire exits (hehe. weird huh?but it works for me). Finding some time to release the stress is very helpful in managing my sanity and to focus every more on my daily task. But lately my office mate said to me that there is an important file missing on his desk and to the coincidence that I'm the last person to use that file before it got lost. Up until now it is still missing and it is a very important file so to speak. I'm kinda bothered on this one since I don't want to make mistake because I just got in this company and I don't want to make a bad image. As I've check, after I use that file that has been missing since last Thursday, I properly returned it to where it was kept but when we double checked it, the file was totally gone. We also search to the different office hoping that I left it there, but unfortunately, no sign of it. So tomorrow I'm expecting to hear some lecture from my immediate supervisor regarding to this. But I am very sure that I kept that properly, sad to say, I doesn't matter anymore. I hope I'll survive tomorrow with less lecture from my supervisor (huhu).

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