Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Makati to Cavite:Motorcycle Ride

Earlier after work I didn't expect that I would try such a thing. The story goes like this. Office Hours has ended and everything is just normal, going down the elevator and riding a public vehicle home would be the normal plan. But one of the my co-worker asked me if I want to try riding with him on his motorcycle going to Cavite.

At first I was kind of skeptical about this since I knew that riding a motor cycle is very dangerous and very prone to accident and to think of it the destination is a long way from Makati to Cavite. If my estimation is right it is about 40 kilometers. But then in the end I though it was a fun experience as this is my first time.

After grabbing the spare helmet at the office, I sat at the back side of the motorcycle and we are off to our destination. At first its kind of in a normal speed (because the traffic in Makati is heavy). But as we go on to the high way, we started to pick up pace and start speeding on other vehicles.

A little nervous at first but as we go along, I manage to make myself at ease. The wind on my helmet feels good except for the smoke coming from other vehicle in the highway. Everything is great since that is my first time riding a motor cycle in a long distance until it started to rain. A bit of rain pours down as we head to the Airport road (sorry I didn't manage to take a picture since I'm busy holding to the handrails of the motor cycle to support myself) but luckily the rain didn't continue to pour and the rest of the trip was awesome.

Full speed on wide roads are just awesome (not to mention the sticky feeling of my skin due to polluted air) but I did said to myself that I'll only do that once and after that, no more 'cause in the end even if it is great to ride a motor cycle it is very prone to accident. I only did it for experience sake. And luckily everything turn out good.

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