Sunday, July 8, 2012

Like a boss

I always wonder what it feels like to be a manager of a company. Having control of the people below your position and earning  five to six digit salary. What does it feels like? I came to think of this as I observe my boss/manager who is always busy talking to somebody on the phone (maybe clients). My boss is about 40 years of age and he is a single parent to his 3 children, nothing special about his personal life.\

My co-employee once said to me that he earns 50k a month not including the allowances provided by the company  itself. Can you imagine that? Earning 50k in a month, It’s like my five months of salary. So much money. In the future I also want to earn like that.But also as I observe to him, He is always busy to something.

Having a meeting with the clients in different places, Dealing with the CEO of the company and some other stuff that I don’t know. On that high paying job there will always be pros and cons that can give an edge and a difference on how the manager will deal with the problem he might encounter.

Who knows, maybe someday I will know that feeling of managing a company and get a taste of what it feels like when somebody is calling you “boss”. But of course I don’t know it yet.

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