Sunday, July 8, 2012

To come or Not to come

Solving a problem is never easy. But I did solve mine quite well, Now I'm back on track. No worries and everything is smooth sailing from here. Since I am in a good mood to start the week, I hope everything will be okay for now. From work to home, I hope things to fall into the right place.

My college friends are inviting me for some kind of reunion this upcoming week but I'm kind of being confuse if I will go or not. The main reason is the time. I mean all the time that I will consume on that can be used in resting and pampering. But m second thought is that this event only comes once in a while. Reuniting with college friends, The nostalgic feeling and all that kind of stuff. I just missed them so much.

I am bit confused to this one really. I will see if at the end of the week what will be my mood regarding to this. If my mood goes fine then maybe I will come to this event. But I don't really now for sure 'cause I tend to change my mood so fast depending on what I feel momentarily.

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