Saturday, July 7, 2012

Need for Speed

At last I did found some time to do blogging again. The reason why I didn't update my blog this past few days is that I simply don't have time to do so. Yeah, I'm saying that I kind of busy back then. I must say I miss to write a blog.

This past few days I've been craving to drive a car. Particularly a sports car if I'm lucky. As I've told in my last blog. And every evening even though I don't have a sports car or an ordinary car. I just play the game "Need for Speed: Most Wanted" all the time. The roar of the engine, the hot pursuits of the police and the excitement of street racing always dazzle me.

Well, I guess I did found some worthwhile activity other than blogging. When I'm not blogging, I'm racing (even though its only a virtual) That's fine to me.

I mean come on. Who wouldn't want to break the law and go speeding in high ways once in a while. In this video game you get to do this, same adrenaline feeling. I really enjoy this game a lot. I hope someday I get to do this in real life (I know I can't)

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