Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Traffic Wednesday

Why is it that when Wednesday it is always a heavy traffic on the streets? As I’ve observe every Wednesday morning I suffer from heavy traffic that I used to encounter every morning. And  Because of this I’m late again to my work. That ruins my day but I’m a kind of person who manages bad mood well, I mean I can’t stay in a bad mood for long. Sooner or later I will be on my “neutral mood”
I did remember earlier in the morning when I was on the public vehicle someone get on it and ask for some donations. The woman said she needed a money for funeral expenses of her husband and daughter kind of stuff. And the Passengers, Feel the sympathy and give her some spare change and money (but not me, since I’m busy looking at the watch ‘cause I’m really late for work)

According to her story before her daughter died she was raped and then killed by the rapist. And her husband had a cancer but since they don’t have enough money her husband didn’t survive (I wonder if those stories of her are true).  But if it does, I mean, What did they do to have such a cruel faith? They will only live in this world once yet they have a tough life. I just thought that comparing to them I have a very good life. I mean, I get what I need and what I want. 

Through this I’m very thankful to the life that I have right now.  I have a chance to enjoy life to the fullest, So much possibilities compared to them.


  1. yes... we should be grateful enough for what we have. The problems that others have right now must be ten times bigger that what we currently have so we must be very thankful

  2. Yup, Could't agree with you more.