Monday, July 2, 2012

Bad news after the Bad news

Well, Its bad news after the bad news. The first one is my blog got rejected AGAIN on some sites that I applied for paid reviews. I don't know the main reason why they keep rejecting it. Maybe because my blog is young? I guess. And also google adsense keep on denying my request and I don't know why.

But at the end of it. I just thought, no need to rush things. All will fall in the right place at the right time.   I guess this is the part of my blogging career where I get to be patient with something. I do have some patience alright I just need to practice it more so that I  will not messed things up. I can say that I'm on a pretty right track on my blogging career and messing up so bad is the last thing I want to in this. So be it. Patience will prevail. And besides I'm blogging because I enjoy it. The earning is just and additional reward for me.

The next bad news is that in the next few days my internet connection might be out due to non-payment. I need to solve this problem immediately because it might affect my blogging and some other stuff that I need to do using the internet connection.