Monday, July 2, 2012

Someday: My own Car

This past few days I was thinking of having a decent car in the future. You know, A car that I can bring anywhere I go. I mean having your own car is very cool. You don’t have to wait for the public vehicle just to take a ride ‘cause you have your own. Going to work will be so easy and I will be consuming less time if I had a ride. And the ultimate advantage of having a car (for me) is it’s like additional “macho” points for the girls (hehe). I mean going on a date with a girl bringing you own car can build a good impression.

But for now it’s just a dream since owning a car is quite expensive for me. But in time I did promise to myself that someday I will have my own car (a decent one) even if it’s not a sports car, that would be okay. As long as its fully functional. 

I don’t know just yet how to achieve this dream of mine but at least I have a goal that I want to reach. And being motivated by it can produce positive results on my end. In the meantime I’m just contented on playing some racing games on my computer just to satisfy my cravings for having a car (hehe). 

Knowing how to tune up a car is my interest now. I’m just curious on how they do an upgrade on such an ordinary car to become a tuned up and well-designed car. Setting up my own car would be so cool and I want to do it someday.

I really don’t know why so suddenly I have interest on cars whereas in the past I’m not such a car person, Maybe because watching too much racing is the reason why I diverted my interests. (hehe)
I’m planning to take up driving lessons soon so that as soon as possible I can learn how to drive even if there’s nothing to drive into. But who knows, Maybe I can have my own car soon (I wish !haha).

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