Sunday, July 1, 2012

Blogging at the Office

Here I am again at the office, sitting at my chair beside my table. It’s another day of work but also just another day that will pass. Right now, I’m kind of feeling sleepy again that’s why I decided to blog to keep my mind alive. Blogging wakes up my sleepy head always so I do this more often when I’m feeling sleepy at work.

I can say that all the people in the office are just chilling too. I mean, as I’ve observe, nothing rush and keeping the employees busy. All I can hear is the sound of the air-condition and some frequent ringing of the telephone. I’m almost 2 months in this job for now. I might say that I like it in here since the environment is great and the co-employees are very nice.

All I have to do to stay in this job is to do good on whatever the errands they will give to me.  I already committed one mistake and I must do my best not to do it again since I’m planning to be a regular employee. Each time I will go to the office I always make sure that my mind is set to work good and focus is there to avoid silly mistake that might ruin a good impression. I hope that after many months of stay in this company I will still like it in here because of the last job I was into I only liked it for 3 months and after that I tend to lose my interest on that job anymore. 


  1. i also love working then blogging inside my office .. kasi malakas ang internet connection hahahaaha

    1. Tama!kaya lang ingat baka mahuli ni bossing. hehe

  2. sana ganyan din tayo noon sa previous employer natin no haha